2021: CMU Portugal Program year in Review

Throughout 2021, the CMU Portugal Program has continued to support its main activities but has also launched some new initiatives, such as the new Educational Program“Affiliated Ph.D. Programs” which offered 12 Scholarships for students to attend a Portuguese University, and a new Call for Exploratory Research Projects which added 6 new projects to the portfolio of 77 that were already supported since the launch of the Program in 2006.

But the year started with a change in the Program’s leadership with the appointment on January of a new CMU Portugal National Co-Diretor, Inês Lynce, Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and President of INESC ID who assumed the co-direction alongside Nuno Nunes, replacing Rodrigo Rodrigues who was in office since the renewal of the Program in 2018.

Here’s a brief overview of 2021 :


January (27) – Inês Lynce appointed as CMU Portugal National co-director in replacement of Rodrigo Rodrigues (2018-2020).

January (25-27) – External Review Committee Meeting (ERC) with the evaluation of the Program’s performance between 2018 and 2020 (online)

January to February – “Data Science Talks @CMUPortugal”:

        • Session 1 I Jan. 28: “Conversational Assistants for Complex Search Tasks” by Jamie Callan (CMU)
        • Session 2 I Feb. 11: “AI Learns to Race: Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving” by Eric Nyberg (CMU)
        • Session 3 I Feb. 23: “Social, Cultural and Political Biases through the Lens of NLP” by Ashique Khudabukhsh (CMU)

February (15) – Announcement of the first CMU Portugal Call under the new initiative “Affiliated Ph.D. Programs” offering up to 12 Scholarships for the 2021/2022 academic year.

February (25)Online Info Session: “How to apply to a CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. Program Scholarship”.

From April to June“User Experience Design Talks @CMU Portugal”








May (19) – Announcement of the CMU Portugal Call for Exploratory Research Projects (ERPs) in strategic emerging areas of ICT.

May (20) – CMU Portugal participation as partner of the Bauhaus of the Seas International Conference under the scope of the  New European Bauhaus (NEB) Initiative.

June – Announcement of the 11 new Dual Degree Ph.D. Students selected under the Program’s Dual Degree Ph.D. Initiative for the 2021/22 Academic year.








June (28) – CMU Portugal at Encontro Ciência 2021 Summit with the Session “The contribution of the CMU Portugal international partnership for the high-tech ecosystem in Portugal”

July (7-15) – 11th edition of the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School (LxMLS 2021), a virtual school co-organized by Instituto Superior Técnico, Instituto de Telecomunicações, INESC ID, Unbabel, Priberam and CMU Portugal.

September (21) – Announcement of the 12 CMU Portugal students selected under the Program’s Affiliated Ph.D. Programs Initiative.








September (13) – José M.F. Moura, CMU Portugal Director at CMU awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by Universidade de Lisboa

September (15) – 2021 CMU Portugal Doctoral Symposium at Pavilhão do Conhecimento in Lisbon with the participation of CMU Portugal dual-degree, CMU Portugal affiliated and Ph.D. candidates conducting their doctoral thesis under one of the CMU Portugal research Projects

September (16) – IST Distinguished Lecture by CMU Portugal Director José M.F. Moura titled “A story that weaves itself by detecting data on hard drives”

October (7) –2021 Fall Welcome Back Lunch” organized on campus at Carnegie Mellon University to welcome CMU Portugal Ph.D. students at CMU.

October (27) –
Online Info session “How to apply for a CMU Portugal Dual-Degree Ph.D. Scholarship” with the participation of +90 potential candidates

November (29 and 30)Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education visits CMU

December (7) – Webinar #1 of the AIDA Webinar Series (5 Webinars September 2022) organized by the project with CMU Portugal support.

December (10)Announcement of the 6 new Exploratory Research projects supported under the CMU Portugal Program for 12 months

December (21)Minister Manuel Heitor distinguishes José M.F. Moura with the Medal of Scientific Merit