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Lead Projects

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, through Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), funds a number of innovative research projects, which are selected by means of open calls and independent evaluation by international experts. Each proposal must include at least two research institutions in Portugal, one research group at Carnegie Mellon and one Portuguese company. A financial commitment from the industrial partner is expected, which can take many forms from direct funding to man power or prototyping.

Beyond traditional measures of success, such as scientific and technological significance of results, quality and number of publications, patents, degrees conferred, and number of students, post-doctoral and other young researchers involved, the impact of projects will be measured also by the successful deployment of research prototypes and the adoption of new services by the leading companies and by building successful partnerships between industry and academia.

Research projects typically involve faculty members, researchers, and Ph.D. students. It is desired that they also result in research opportunities for undergraduates, both as a tool for recruiting talent and as a means of promoting the scientific culture of our society.  


The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program first and second calls for proposals resulted in twenty five new R&D projects:

1st Call of Research Projects (these projects ended in 2012) 

ProjectsPortuguese PICMU PI
Aeminium – Freeing Programmers from the Shackles of SequentialityBruno Cabral (FCTUC)Jonathan Aldrich
DRIVE-IN – Distributed Routing and Infotainment through Vehicular Inter-NetworkingMichel Ferreira (FCUP)Ozan Tonguz
Human Capital, Knowledge Based Firms, and the Entrepreneurial Life-CycleRui Baptista (IST/UTL)Steven Keppler
INTERFACES – Certified Interfaces for Integrity and Security in Extensible Web-based ApplicationsLuís Caires (Técnico)Frank Pfenning
PT-STAR – Speech Translation Advanced Research to and from PortugueseLuísa Coheur (INESC ID)Alan Black
REAP.PT – Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL) Reading Practice (REAP.PT)Nuno Mamede (INESC ID)M. Eskenazi
SINAIS – Sustainable Interaction with social Networks, context Awareness and Innovative ServicesNuno Nunes (UMa)Anind K. Dey
Technology, Management and Policy for the Telecommunications IndustryPedro Ferreira (IST/UL)Marvin Sirbu
Vital Responder – Monitoring Stress among First Responder ProfessionalsJoão Paulo Cunha (UA)Prya Narasimhan
WESP: Weaving Together Technology Innovation with Human and Policy ConsiderationsNestor Catano (UMa)Norman Sadeh

2nd Call of Research Projects

ProjectsPortuguese PICMU PI
Affidavit – Automating the Proof of Quality Attributes for Large Scale Software ArchitecturesMário Zenha-Rela (FCTUC)David Garlan
Assuring Dependability in Architecture-based Adaptive SystemsRogério Neves de Lemos (FCTUC)David Garlan
ATTEST: AlgoriThms and Tools for reasoning about dEpendable SysTemsJoão Marques Silva (INESC ID)Edmund M. Clarke
Cyber-Physical Systems Technologies for Energy-Optimized Data CentersEduardo Tovar (ISEP/IPP)Raj Rajkumar
Innovation and the Global Economy: An Investigation of critical Challenges for Intellectual Property, Strategy and Policy in IT and beyondFernando Ribeiro Branco (CLSBE)Lee Branstetter
MAIS-S: Multiagent Intelligent Surveillance SystemFrancisco Saraiva de Melo (IST/UL)Manuela Veloso
Novel Information Processing Methodologies for Intelligent Sensor NetworksJoão de Freitas Xavier (IST/UL)Bruno Sinopoli
NeTS: Next Generation Network Operations and ManagementRicardo Morla (FEUP)Hyong Kim
SELF-PVP: Self-Organizing Power Management for Photo-Voltaic Power PlantsVítor Grade Tavares (FEUP)Shawn Blanton
The Role of ‘User Innovators’ in the Development of Telecom Products and ServicesPedro Mendes Oliveira (CLSBE)Francisco Veloso
Toward Dynamic Monitoring and Decision (DYMONDS)-Based Smart Distribution SystemsLuís Marcelino Ferreira (IST/UL)Luís Marcelino Ferreira (IST/UL)
TRONE – Trustworthy and Resilient Operations in a Network EnvironmentAntónio Casimiro (FCUL)Priya Narasimhan

Projects approved in the Call 2009 in Applications of Mathematics Thematic Areas, in the framework of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program and UT Austin-Portugal 

ProjectsPortuguese PICMU PI
Degenerate Elliptic and Parabolic Equations and its Applications to Front ProgragationDiogo Gomes (IST/UL)Dejan Slepcev, David Kinderlehrer
SANAF: Stochastic Analysis and Numerical Approximations in Mathematical FinanceCláudia Philippart (IST/UL)Dmitrry Kramkov
Thin Structures, Homogenization and Multi Phase ProblemsLuísa Mascarenhas (FCT/UNL)Giovani Leoni, Irene Fonseca