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Large Scale Collaborative Projects

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Large-scale collaborative research projects are co-promotion projects led by national companies and carried out in partnership between companies, non-corporate entities of the R&D System, and research groups, Carnegie Mellon.

In 2019, an ambitious Call was launched by Compete 2020, ANI, and FCT under the "Go Portugal – Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal," initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education for the three International Partnerships, which includes the CMU Portugal Program.
Under the Call, the Program had 12 projects selected for funding, which represents a total commitment of 24,9 M€ of which 13.5 M€ come from the European COMPETE 2020 Program and the Portugal Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT); 6M€ are through the CMU Portugal Program at CMU; and 4,2M€ from the participating Portuguese ICT companies.

In addition to 12 companies that lead the consortia, the projects will involve 21 other Portuguese Institutions, from Universities to Research Labs, Hospitals, and Companies plus 8 different CMU Departments.

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