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The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (CMU Portugal) offers, with the support of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and in a partnership with various higher education institutions in Portugal and Carnegie Mellon, some of the best educational and mobility Programs in information and communication technologies.

Dual Degree Ph.D., Affiliated Ph.D. Programs and Advanced Training Programs

The educational offer of the CMU Portugal Program comprises world-class Dual Degree Ph.D. Programs, Affiliated Ph.D. Programs and Advanced Training Programs.

Upon completion of the Dual Degree Ph.D., students receive a dual degree as students from both Carnegie Mellon and a partner University in Portugal. Under the Affiliated Ph.D. Program students will be hosted exclusively at a Portuguese University, with a research period at Carnegie Mellon up to 1 year. The Advanced Training Programs are short term professional programs providing a diploma but not a degree.

All programs are taught in English regardless of where classes are delivered (Portugal or Carnegie Mellon).

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The CMU Portugal  Program offers a unique opportunity for students to complete a dual degree, conferred both by CMU and by a partner University in Portugal.

Visiting Faculty and Researchers Program and Visiting Students Program

The CMU Portugal Program supports a Visiting Faculty and Researchers ProgramIndividuals holding a doctoral degree and affiliated with Portuguese Higher Education Institutions or Research Labs, can spend one term working in research, education and innovation at Carnegie Mellon University. This opportunity allows faculty and researchers to experience CMU’s culture and best practices.  Carnegie Mellon professors are also given the opportunity to spend time in Portugal to engage in teaching and research activities with local institutions of higher education and research labs.

The CMU Portugal Program also supports a Visiting Students Programwhere master students can spend up to one term as visiting students at CMU. This opportunity allows students to develop their research in the scope of their master with some of the best faculty and researchers worldwide in ICT.  

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Admissions and Scholarships

To apply for a position in one of the CMU Portugal educational or mobility programs visit the Admissions and Scholarships page. For additional questions, email us at apply[at]