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Frequently asked questions

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Exploratory Research Projects 2021

The information provided at this page does not replace the official announcement and related documentation published at FCT’s website.

The task’s description and research plan should reflect the involvement of both Portuguese and CMU teams in the project. The activities developed by the CMU partner should be detailed in the research Plan and Methods, and Tasks. Those tasks should also be included in the timeline.

The Portuguese PI (Principal Investigator) is responsible for submitting the FCT application form and the other required documents:

    • A document that certifies the Ph.D. degree of the lead Portugal PI;
    • A statement from the PI at CMU confirming that he/she will be the lead PI from CMU and that he/she holds a faculty appointment at CMU;
    • A timeline file of the project’s tasks, including the ones allocated to the Portuguese and the CMU’s teams.

The lead PI at CMU must hold a faculty appointment at CMU. A confirmation statement should be attached to the application.

Research activities at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) will be covered independently and at a comparable level through the CMU Portugal Program at Carnegie Mellon University.


The research consortia may include other public or private entities, profit or non-profit, that may also invest in the exploratory project, bringing relevant competencies to the project. However, such entities will not be funded by this Call.

Large-scale collaborative research projects

The information provided at this page does not replace the official announcement and related documentation published at COMPETE  2020 website.

The consortium needs to have the Leadership of a Portuguese company and include at least two entities of the Portuguese R&D system and the participation of at least one CMU principal investigator.

You can find here the English version of the Technical Annex and Project Merit Referential. These are working documents; the templates provided at the official announcement page prevail over the documents here translated.

It is mandatory that the technical annex and the application form at Balcão Portugal 2020 should be both completed in English.

If you are part of a proposal, you need to obtain from my CMU|Portugal office at CMU a statement that essentially says we will support your effort if the project is selected.Please, make sure to submit to Ms. Megan Flohr the title of the project, your budget, an abstract of your proposal (even if just a draft), and the name of the PI at CMU of the project.

This information should be stated in the technical annex, section 2.2 “Descrição detalhada das atividades e tarefas”/ “Detailed description of activities and tasks” under “Descrição das tarefas”/ “description of tasks”. In addition to identifying the responsibilities of co-promotors, the responsibilities of each entity of the partnership should also be indicated. The CMU research team should be listed as partner and its contributions for the Project should be included in section 2.3 “Apresentação do consórcio”/ “consortia presentation”.

Yes, the CMU research team must be listed as partners of the Project.

No, the contract must only be signed by the Portuguese institutions, however, the CMU research team must be listed as partners of the Project.

The CMU research team will be funded directly by the CMU Portugal Program at CMU. The proposal must include a letter from the CMU Portugal Program at CMU stating the financial commitment for the project, subject to budgetary constraints of the CMU Portugal Program at CMU and pending approval of the project. This financial commitment is not included in the 1.2M€ indicative budget per project.

FCT, I.P. will co-fund the national non-corporate entities of the R & D system up to 100%, therefore academic institutions can be fully funded.


Please contact us at if you would like to get support to find potential CMU partners for the consortia or have any other inquiries related  to the open calls.