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Webinar #1 – AIDA Webinar Series I Improving 5G Management with Carlos Martins and Pedro Fidalgo from Mobileum

On December 7th took place the first Webinar of the AIDA Webinar Series I Improving 5G Management promoted by the team of the Large Scale Collaborative project AIDA with the support of the CMU Portugal Program.

This first Webinar was hosted by Carlos Martins and Pedro Fidalgo from the project’s leading company Mobileum and moderated by José Orlando Pereira (Senior Researcher at INESC TEC and Professor at UMinho).

Webinar #1 Summary: 5G presents an opportunity for telecom operators to capture new revenue streams from industrial digitization. The network evolution has opened up an abundance of new business opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs) in verticals such as industrial automation, security, health care, and automotive. Expanding non-telecom value chains, and supporting new business models through shared infrastrucuture, multiple stakeholders, open interfaces increases the complexity of delivery chains, attack vectors and consequently exposure to risk and fraud.

This webinar aims to discuss risk management as a platform that is able to protect the 5G ecosystem in its multiple layers, and deploy an Integrated Risk Management strategy that manages high data volumes, real time visibility through local edges, ensuring  system-wide intrusion detection, tampering protection, confidentiality and data privacy, protecting the ecosystem and value chain.

Webinar #2: The impact of edge computing and 5G for Telcos
Let’s leverage from the computational power that is almost my neighbour (edge), without forgetting the full power at the cloud.

Date: February 11, 2022 | 3 p.m. (UTC)
Speakers: Ricardo Vilaça, INESC TEC and University of Minho, and Bruno Sousa, University of Coimbra
Moderator: João Vilela, FCUP, CISUC and INESC TEC

For the full Webinar #1 please watch the video: 

For more information visit the AIDA Website.