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Affiliated Ph.D. Programs

Applications for the 2024/25 academic year are CLOSED.

For other information please contact us at apply[at]

The CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. Programs Initiative, launched for the first time in the 2021/2022 Academic year, offers Ph.D. scholarships in selected cutting-edge areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), related to the scope of the CMU Portugal Program.

The Affiliated Ph.D. Program will be entirely hosted by a Portuguese University, with a research period at Carnegie Mellon up to 1 year. Upon the Ph.D. conclusion, candidates will be awarded a degree by the Portuguese host University.

The Affiliated Ph.D. Programs (Programas de Doutoramento Afiliados) initiative has the objective of strengthening the collaboration between Portuguese higher education institutions and Portuguese companies through a strong partnership with Carnegie Mellon University.

Scholarships will be granted in the following CMU Portugal related areas:

  • Computer Science,
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering,
  • Engineering and Public Policy,
  • Human-Computer Interaction,
  • Language Technologies,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Robotics,
  • Societal Computing,
  • Software Engineering.

To apply, the candidate must indicate the Portuguese host institution and the Ph.D. Program in which (s)he is registered, will be registered or has applied to for the next academic year. The CMU hosting department must also be indicated and if (s)he will also be hosted at a Portuguese ICT company.

Candidates Requirements

  • National citizens or citizens from another member states of the European Union;
  • Citizens of third States;
  • Stateless persons;
  • Citizens enjoying political refugee status.

To apply for the Ph.D. scholarships, it is necessary:

  • Hold a Licenciatura or master´s degree;
  • Reside in Portugal permanently and habitually, a mandatory requirement for both national citizens and foreign citizens;
  • Not having benefited from a Ph.D. scholarship or Ph.D. in companies scholarship directly funded by FCT, regardless of its duration.


The candidate must have a supervisor from a Portuguese higher education institution and a co-supervisor at Carnegie Mellon.


The student will be awarded a Ph.D. degree conferred by the Portuguese Host Institution. During the Ph.D., the student should comply with the regulations of the Host University.


The funding should not exceed 4 years and from those, the period that the candidates spend in Portugal should not exceed 3 years.

Scholarship and tuition

The Ph.D. students will receive financial support through an FCT scholarship “Bolsa Mista” to attend the Ph.D. in a Portuguese higher education institution and partially at Carnegie Mellon University (up to 1 year).
Tuitions will be fully funded.
Health insurance while at CMU will also be funded. For more information regarding allowances, tuitions, stipends and other financial support please visit FCT website:

Application requirements

Applications should be submitted through the online application form available at ( with the following attachments:

• CV (exported through the CIÊNCIAVITAE platform);
• Supervisor in Portugal and co-supervisor at CMU CVs;
• Supervisor in Portugal and co-supervisor at CMU support letters;
• Certificates of qualification of the academic degrees;
• Registration of recognition of the academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions and registration of the final classification conversion to the Portuguese classification scale for those degrees;
• Motivation letter;
• Work plan;
• 2 Letters of Recommendation (preferably one letter from the academia and other from the industry).

The candidate can also attach as bonus if considered to be eligible:

• Support letter from Portuguese ICT company related to the candidate´s work plan.