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The research that is conducted through the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (CMU Portugal) spans the broad area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with a particular focus on the areas that have a direct impact on the data economy, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between industry and academia across different levels of the “big data” software stack. This includes research topics spanning from the technologies for processing large-scale data sets, to the artificial intelligence techniques that enable extracting value from data, or to the sociotechnical systems and applications that are catalyzed through these techniques.

Since the CMU Portugal Program was created in 2006, 10 calls for research projects were opened and 80 projects were supported, which attracted +200 Million of international investment by startups and over 1000 skilled jobs created by startups.

The CMU Portugal Program is currently supporting 12 Large Scale Collaborative Projects and 13 Exploratory Research Projects (ERPs), bringing together a large community, in Portugal and at Carnegie Mellon, of industry and academic partners, faculty, researchers, industry experts, and Ph.D. and Master students.

Large scale projects led by National companies and carried out in parnership with non-corporate entities from the R&D system and research groups at CMU.

Shorter projects designed to jumpstart high-impact potential research activities of strategic relevance to the CMU Portugal Program.