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Diogo Tavares

Finishing my MSc. in Informatics. My research interests mainly lie in Natural Language Understanding and Dialog State Tracking, and how these can establish genuine rapport between us and non-human agents.

Diogo Silva

I got a Bachelors’s degree in Computer Science from the Nova School of Science and Technology. While pursuing my Master’s I got introduced to machine learning and its uses for conversational chatbots, which I got interested in. During that period I was also invited to be part of a project on the subject of language generation. During my Ph.D., I hope to improve language generation approaches and to help break the human-machine gap on conversational agents.

Diogo Pereira

Diogo is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at FCT NOVA. He obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from FCT NOVA. His research interests lie in the areas of stochastic processes applied to computer and data science, wireless mobile networks, and network modelling.