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Veniam’s CEO is interviewed by Forbes Portugal

Veniam’s CEO is Interviewed by Forbes Portugal
Veniam’s CEO and former National Director of the CMU Portugal Program, João Barros, was interviewed by Forbes Portugal. João Barros talks about Veniam and its disruptive technology oriented towards the Internet of Things.

João Barros believes that in some market niches, Portuguese technology is at the level of the best that is being done worldwide. He also mentions that Americans are the best at transforming anything into products or services and taking them to the market.

Veniam is a spin-off company of the Instituto de Telecomunicações and the Universities of Aveiro and Porto, created by João Barros, faculty of the University of Porto, and Susana Sargento, faculty of the University of Aveiro.

Read the Portuguese article at Forbes Portugal (September 6, 2016)