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TWEvo – Portuguese Technology Generates Interest for Space Exploration

TWEvo – Portuguese Technology Generates Interest for Space Exploration
Portuguese technology seems to have no limits. Proving it is the latest innovation developed by Carlos Ribeiro – a researcher of the Institute of Telecommunications (IT). It is REVOsdr, a 100 percent Portuguese technology that allows real-time wireless communication at high speeds. The project, which originated the startup TWEvo, has already been a part of the inRes initiative, in the scope of the CMU Portugal Program, shows a great potential for many applications, from the most trivial to the most extraordinary.

The system, which promises to revolutionize wireless communications, could be used, for example, in the exploration of other planets or in the way we interact with the virtual world. It can also be useful for smart agriculture, especially in the communication between robotic agricultural machines in extensive agriculture, which will have the capacity to travel huge fields without having a human operator behind the wheel. In this particular case, it is important to note that the technology developed by the Portuguese researcher has already interested one of the main brands that prepares machines of this type – Carnegie Robotics LLC, a business partner of John Deere, one of the largest producers of agricultural equipment in the world.

Read the Portuguese article at Leak Online (July 13, 2017)