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Series of Seminars on “AI in Healthcare” under IntelligentCare project

From June 23, 2022, to March 9, 2023, Hospital da Luz Learning Health will host a series of Seminars on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Healthcare, focusing on applications of A.I. in health-related issues. Throughout this series of seminars, held under the scope of CMU Portugal Large Scale project IntelligentCare, invited speakers will share their contributions and ideas on Advanced Analytics in Healthcare.

Next Sessions: 

  • 4th Session | July 21 | 5 pm (Lisbon) “Personalized medicine in the era of A.I.” by Ana Teresa Freitas
  • 5th Session | September 22 | 5 pm (Lisbon)
  • 6th Session | October 6 | 5 pm (Lisbon)
  • 7th Session | October 20 | 5 pm (Lisbon)

The complete program is available here.

The Seminars will be held onsite and online. Registration is free but mandatory.

The CMU Portugal Large Scale Project IntelligentCare is promoted by Hospital da Luz Learning Health, in collaboration with Priberam, Hospital da Luz Lisboa, INESC ID, Instituto Superior Técnico, and the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon.

Previous Sessions:

  • 1st Session | June 23 | 5pm (Lisbon) “A blueprint of the AI-enabled hospital: Data, infrastructure, algorithms and applications” by Jorge Cardoso
  • 2nd Session | June 29 | 5pm (Lisbon) “Multimorbidity analytics: Disease progression and treatment pathways for chronic conditions” by Rema Padman
  • 3rd Session | July 5 | 5pm (Lisbon) “Towards understanding biomedical complexity with actionable models” by Luis Mateus Rocha