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Sceelix Launches its Flagship Product Worldwide

inRes 2015 :: Sceelix Sceelix Launches its Flagship Product Worldwide
Sceelix, one of the four selected projects of the 2015 edition of inRe s, the early stage acceleration program of CMU Portugal, has launched its flagship product worldwide and it’s now featured in Portuguese news.

One of Sceelix co-founders, Francisco Rebello de Andrade, mentioned to Dinheiro Vivo (supplement of a Portuguese newspaper) that the experience at Carnegie Mellon University was the best one since they started this whole adventure because it gave them the opportunity to get in touch with several areas which they wouldn’t have access in Portugal. He also mentions the network they built in the U.S. that has been helping them along this journey.

Sceelix is a software that allows you to create complete and unique 3D scenes, with terrains, vegetation, cities and other elements, in an efficient and manageable way. Through a powerful procedural engine and an intuitive visual node-based editor, all and any kind of scene elements, from 3D models and textures to game physics and behaviors, can be automatically generated using visual creation rules.

Read the Portuguese articles at: BIT Magazine, PT Jornal (April 27, 2016), Notícias Universidade do Porto, Jornalismo Porto Net (April 28, 2016), Jornal de Notícias (Dinheiro Vivo) (June 11, 2016) and Dinheiro Vivo online (June 12, 2016).