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Research Workshop on “Embraer in Europe”: A new Research Framework through Carnegie Mellon Portugal

Research Workshop on “Embraer in Europe”: A new Research Framework through Carnegie Mellon Portugal
Organized in the scope of the Technology, Management and Policy Graduate Consortium

Date: June 25, 2014
Hour: 14:00 – 21:00

This Entrepreneurial Research Initiative (ERI) looks at the increasing complexity and uncertainty of technological advances and related value chains and business configurations in modern aeronautics. It is motivated by the recent installation of two new Embraer plants in Évora, Portugal. It has the ultimate goal of securing their role as centers of excellence in aeronautics, with unique characteristics within the Embraer Group and worldwide. Evora’s plants are a singular case: although being fully owned by Embraer a Junes OEM, both plants work as first tier suppliers of the Mother-Company, Embraer S.A., in Brazil.

This requires the full integration of their activities within the needs of Embraer S.A. while also keeping a competitive edge with respect to other suppliers in Embraer’s supply chains. Nowadays, ICT is crucial across industries in addressing supply chains issues between manufacturers and their suppliers.

ICT systems are essential to anticipating problems and opportunities in the supply chain management, supporting decision-making at four levels:

i) identification, capacitation and qualification of new technology based suppliers (for specialized products and services);

ii) monitoring suppliers performance in order to pro-actively address risky situations or opportunities, such as variations in production pace;

iii) monitoring the industry and

iv) assessing network effects that endanger or synergize the supply chain.

Thus, this project focuses on managing large data sets and ICT-based logistic platforms among OEMs and suppliers. In addition, it will focus on the creation, integration and development of new technology based firms in the value chain of the aeronautics sector that can serve as key economic agents to foster and facilitate technological innovations. The emphasis will be on value-added platforms to facilitate the necessary technological advances including opportunities for new employment and skills development and their impact on regional development.

Chairperson: Manuel Heitor and Joana Mendonça, IN+/IST, Lisbon, PT

• Presentation of new Research Framework and Project, 2014-2017:
o João Pedro Taborda, Embraer
o Joana Mendonça, IN+/IST, Lisbon
o Granger Morgan, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh
o Ana Barros, INESC TEC, Porto
o Manuel Freitas, IDMEC, Lisbon
o João Pedro Mortágua, CEIIA
o Ricardo Reis, Embraer Portugal
• Discussants:
o Andrew Weaver, MIT Sloan, Cambridge
o Andre Furtado, UNICAMP, Campinas
o Alfreen Siddiqi, MIT, Cambridge
o Roberto Sbragia, Univ. São Paulo
o Sebastian Pfotenhauer, MIT, Cambridge

19:00 A “Beer in Lisbon” @ Park, Calçado do Combro, Lisboa (Metro: Baixa-Chiado)

20:00 Dinner @ “O Século”, Rua do Século