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Professional Master of Human and Computer Interaction: Capstone Projects Final Presentation

Professional Master of Human and Computer Interaction and Entertainment Technology
Capstone Projects Final Presentation
Date: December 18th, 2014

Venue: Reitoria da Universidade da Madeira, Colégio dos Jesuítas – Rua dos Ferreiros


14:30~14:45 Official opening by

Nuno Jardim Nunes, President of M-ITI
José Carmo, Rector of University of Madeira* TBC Jaime Freitas, Regional Secretary for Education* TBC @ Auditório Poente

14:45~14:50 2 minutes madness Team Firecrest

Team Frontier Team Spark

14:50~15:00 Pause

MET Interdisciplinary Project

15:00~15:30 Team Firecrest (Luís Ferreira, Paulo Bala, Rui Trindade, Rui Rela, Sandra Câmara) – Madeira Civil Protection (Protecção Civil da Madeira)

Abstract: Given the recent incidents that happened at the Levadas and walks, we intend to raise awareness of the tourists and locals about the different possible dangers and safety precautions, in order to make them prevent and better respond to said situations in the Levadas. To accomplish this, we created a small campaign composed of an animated short, interactive video, website and pamphlets.

15:30~16:00 Pause for Coffee Break and Demo Session @ Galeria Ala Poente Sul @ Auditório Poente

MHCI Capstone Projects

16:00~16:30 Team Frontier (Chrys Francisco (Filipinas),Maria Cabral (PT), Som Chakravarty (India) – Outsystems

Abstract: Team Frontier is designing a modern enterprise solution for OutSystems, with the goal of enabling business professionals to creatively solve their problems by quickly creating desktop and mobile applications without programming.

16:30~17:00 Team Spark (André Aguiar (PT), Alejandro Machado (Venezuela), Trixy Basu (Saudi Arabia),Rui Marçalo (PT) – WoW! Systems

Abstract: Wow!Systems is a creative interactive multimedia agency and software house based in Funchal. They approached the Masters of Human Computer Interaction students to develop a project that focuses on promoting mental well-being through today’s technologies. Team Spark will present “Spark”, an application designed to create a safe sharing community, where users are challenged to complete daily tasks that inspire them to go out of their comfort zones and disrupt their daily routines.

17:00~17:30 Madeira D’Honra @ Garden

*TBC – To be confirmed