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In the Media: “AI and the productivity challenge — an unknown frontier”, opinion article by Nuno Jardim Nunes

In an opinion piece published by Expresso, Nuno Jardim Nunes offered a look into the  growing apprehension and unease regarding large-scale language models (LLM) and their ability to potentially escape human control and develop autonomous, intentional behaviors. 

“If the predictions are confirmed, we could be on the verge of a transformation comparable to the Industrial Revolution, or, to a lesser extent, the emergence of the PC, the internet and mobile computing”, shares the CMU Portugal’s National Director and Interactive Technologies Institute’s President. 

 As a researcher in the field of human-technology interaction, Nuno Nunes shares that he remains cautiously optimistic: “Currently, sectors such as mobility, security, health, education, logistics and industrial production are deeply influenced by AI technologies. However, it remains uncertain whether these technologies will be able to overcome what Google defines as level 2 (competent, above the 50th percentile of humans) in generic tasks, or reach level 3 (expert, above the 90th percentile) in more specific tasks. For now, the notion of attaining  a virtuoso (99th percentile) or superhuman proficiency remains a distant prospect for now .

You can read the full article in Expresso (in Portuguese).