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CMU Portugal Summer Luncheon on CMU Campus

The CMU Portugal program hosted a summer luncheon on the Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh on July 10, 2023. National Co-Director Nuno Nunes was visiting Pittsburgh along with CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. student Shuhao Ma that will be presenting the paper “Uncovering Gig Worker-Centered Design Opportunities in Food Delivery Work” at the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2023 taking place at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA) between July 10 and 14th.

This event brought him together with CMU Portugal students currently studying in Pittsburgh. Attending students included Dual Degree Ph.D., Affiliated Ph.D., and visiting students from across disciplines, including Software and Societal Systems (S3D), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Human Computer Interaction (HCII) and Robotics. Valentina Nisi, Associate Professor at Instituto Superior Tecnico and advisor to CMU Portugal Dual Degree Ph.D. students in the HCII also attended the luncheon. This gathering  gave everyone an opportunity to catch-up while enjoying a meal together, sharing their experiences at CMU in Pittsburgh over the last year and addressing potential challenges for the upcoming academic year. 

Front row: Neeta Khanuja (Dual Degree Ph.D. Student), Maria da Loura Casimiro (Dual Degree Ph.D Student) and Valentina Nisi (Técnico and ITI).
Back row: Shuhao Ma (Affiliated Ph.D. student), Hugo Simão (Unaffiliated Visiting student), Nuno Nunes (CMU Portugal and ITI),
Tamás Karácsony (Affiliated Ph.D. Student), Catarina Gamboa (Dual Degree Ph.D. student), Beatrice Maggipinto (Dual Degree Ph.D. Student) in the back row and Marta Ferreira (Técnico and ITI). 

Not Pictured: Pedro Valdeira and Diogo Mendes Cardoso, both Dual Degree Ph.D. Students.