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CMU Portugal Fall Lunch Welcomes visitors to Pittsburgh

The CMU Portugal Program hosted a Fall Lunch on campus in the Cohon University Center at CMU, on November 8, 2023. This event brought together Dual Degree Ph.D. and Affiliated Ph.D. students currently studying at CMU as well as visitors from the Visiting Students and Visiting Faculty and Researchers Programs. 

The welcome event was hosted by CMU Portugal Director José Moura and counted on members from seven different departments including Electrical Computer Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy, Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Robotics, Language Technologies and Software & Societal Systems, providing an opportunity for all  those connected by the CMU Portugal to network and enjoy a meal together as the holiday season begins. 

The fall semester at CMU will be attended by a group of 41 CMU Portugal members, including 17 Dual Degree Ph.D. students, 4 Affiliated Ph.D. students, 11 Visiting Students and 9 visiting faculty and researchers at CMU this semester.