CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph. D.s Info Session gathered potential students both at Hub do Beato and online

This year’s edition of the CMU Portugal online Info Session “How to apply to a CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. Program Scholarship” was held both onsite at the new CMU Portugal facilities shared with ITI – Interactive Technologies Institute at Factory (Hub Criativo do Beato) and via zoom, gathering potential candidates willing to know more about the 2023 available scholarships.

The goal of this Session was to disclose further information about the third edition of the “Affiliated Ph.D. Programs” initiative. Under this call, up to 12 Scholarships are available for the 2023/2023 academic year in selected cutting-edge areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), related to the scope of the CMU Portugal Program. The selected candidates will be hosted at a Portuguese University and benefit from a research period of up to 12 months at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Applications are open until March 31st. 

The Info Session was moderated by the Program Executive Director in Portugal, Sílvia Castro, who introduced CMU Portugal National Co-Director. Inês Lynce welcomed the participants and pointed out the main characteristics of this initiative.

The application guidelines and main requirements were introduced by João Fumega, CMU Portugal’s Education Officer. Megan Berty, CMU Portugal Associate Director at CMU, spoke next on the supervision requirements at CMU and the support available by the CMU Portugal coordination office in Pittsburgh.

One of the Affiliated Ph.D. Programs main feature is to encourage potential candidates to submit applications involving collaboration with a Company in the work plan. There are currently Affiliated students collaborating with top companies such as Unbabel, Outsystems, NOS Comunicações or Farfetch. Ricardo Sousa, Principal Data Scientist at Farfetch and CMU Portugal project PI (IFetch), joined as speaker to share with the audience his experience of having Ph.D. candidates working with the company and its main benefits.

Next, to share firsthand the experience of being a CMU Portugal candidate, António Brito and Diogo Silva joined the discussion and answered some questions placed by the CMU Portugal team. António is a 1st year Affiliated Ph.D. student in EPP at ISCTE who and Diogo a 2nd year Affiliated Ph.D. student in Language Technologies at NOVA University of Lisbon who is working with Farfetch under his Ph.D.

Finally, to end the session, there was time for a fruitful 20-minute Q&A, which allowed all participants to clarify their doubts with the panelists. 

For further doubts you can visit our website under the Affiliated Ph.D. Program page, check our FAQ Page or contact us at