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Businesses Without Borders – Portuguese Startups with International Projection

Businesses Without Borders – Portuguese Startups with International Projection
João Barros, CEO of Veniam, Professor at Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto and CMU Portugal Program former National Director is featured in an article on Portuguese entrepreneurship, titled “Negócios Sem Fronteiras” (Business Without Borders).

Ahead of the start of the 2017 edition of the Web Summit, the Portuguese weekly national magazine, Visão, published the showcase article, on some of the Portuguese startups that are already operating on the international market, pointing out three examples, including Veniam.

The article contains excerpts of the interview with Prof. Barros, that tells the story of the creation of Veniam, with co-founders Susana Sargento, Robin Chase and Roy Russel. João Barros also discusses the technology they’ve developed: “Veniam’s platform is essentially software, protocols and communication systems that allow vehicles to exchange large amounts of data with each other and with the internet. For this software to run, we put some small devices in the buses, in the trucks.” He also shares his vision of the future, for Veniam and for society at large: “In the future, these devices will already be integrated in the vehicle. Cars become Wi-Fi hotspots and anyone will connect with their smartphone to the vehicle and have access to the internet. We will have an internet experience there like we would have at home or in the office.”

Read the Portuguese article at Visão (PDF version) (November 2, 2017)