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2nd Call for the Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Call for Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives (ERIs) of the CMU Portugal Program, funded by the Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), will be open until December 16, 2014. Approximately up to 5.2 Million euros are expected to be available to support the new ERIs starting in 2015.


The mission of the ERIs is to stimulate and promote Portuguese innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), by acting as international innovation engines, embedded in global knowledge and business networks, to train creative innovators, generate new ideas, and translate them into products, processes and services. ERIs are projects in science, engineering, management and policy that integrate activities in research, innovation, advanced education and training of human resources, with industry collaboration and emphasis on the commercialization of technology for real world impact.

The ERI may strategically use professional master or doctoral education programs already in place in Portuguese universities, most importantly the dual degree programs of the CMU Portugal Program (Call for the Academic Year 2015/2016 is open). In this respect, ERIs can focus on strategies to graduate students who are adaptive and creative innovators, capable of advancing fundamental knowledge, and creating and exploiting that knowledge to accelerate innovation in a global economy.


The proposals must have at least two partner Portuguese research institutions, belonging to distinct higher education institutions, their institutes and research centers, from different Portuguese Universities, and at least one company. CMU is a required partner in research and education.
Proposals and Level of Funding
Four to seven Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives are expected to be funded. The maximum budget for Portuguese research institutions in each project will be € 650,000.00. The dual degree Ph.D. positions to be associated with each ERI will be awarded through future CMU Portugal Program Calls for Applications for Doctoral Program Scholarships, and accordingly, on the Portugal side, they will be funded directly by these future Calls for Doctoral Scholarships and not through the ERI budget. The announcement will be made on the FCT’s website.
A typical proposal should cover efforts for a period of up to four years.

Please feel free to contact us if you think that we can be of any help, using the email


We are organizing a set of Information Sessions in Portuguese universities, as well as at Carnegie Mellon University, to present and discuss the goals, structure, and financial support for the ERIs. The target audience for these meetings includes faculty members, researchers, doctoral students, senior staff of innovation and entrepreneurship support organizations, business executives, and startup managers. More information available at here.

The information on this page does not replace or override any requirements set forth in the Regulations or the Announcement of the Call for Proposals .


The results of the 1 st Call are available here .

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