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Wireless biOmonitoring stickers and smart bed architecture: toWards Untethered Patients

Electronic skin (e-skin) patches with biomonitoring sensors that adhere to the human epidermis are highly transformative in patient monitoring. These devices can collect and classify physiological and behavioral data, including heart, muscle, brain activities, respiration rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen.  WoW proposes a novel architecture focused on untethered, simple, and low-cost printed biomonitoring stickers, not only to be used in patients but also in patients’ beds, that are equipped with a smart IoT unit. The bed-sticker connection allows for data acquisition and transmission and enables energy transmission to the stickers.

Keywords: Electronic skin (e-skin) patches · Wireless patient monitoring · IoT infrastructure

Leading company in Portugal

Project Start Date

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WoW, developing a wireless patient monitoring solution

The WoW project will develop IoT solutions to monitor patients that will have a strong impact for all the involved stakeholders:

  • For patients, this option is above all a guarantee of comfort since users will be able to be untethered from machines, will have freedom of movement and instead of being at the Hospital will in alternative be in Home hospitalization;
  • For the Healthcare System this solution will have an influence on the reduction of costs related to treatments and hospitalizations;
  • For everyone involved (Patient, Hospital, Doctors, Insurance, Health and AI Scientists) this solution will allow a invaluable centralized data collection.

What to expect

These solutions will contribute to placing Portugal as one of the first countries to demonstrate continuous wireless patient monitoring through patches with excellent signal quality. In the long term, it is expected to use these devices in-home care scenarios and pharmacies, giving an alternative to Hospital stays, enabling patients to stay home while fully monitored.


Meet the partners

GLINTT – Filipa Fixe

Academic Co-promoters:
ISR Coimbra – Mahmoud Tavakoli
Universidade de Coimbra – Jorge Coelho
Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC) – Alexandre Lourenço

Mechanical Engineering Department – Carmel Majidi



The project will focus on developing two mains components that will allow the untethered monitorization of patients:

Wireless Biomonitoring Sensor Patches for detection of:

  • Vital signals: heart rate, temperature, respiration, ECG, pulse, oximeter,
  • Motion: digital identity tracking, accelerometers, magnetometer, gyroscope
  • Emotion: galvanic skin response for emotional computing

IoT nodes for beds – Smart Box

  • Single board computer
  • Energy transmission
  • Data acquisition module
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID

The bed-sticker connection allows not only for data acquisition and transmission, but also enables energy transmission to the stickers. Each bed is an IoT node that communicates with Globalcare, a proprietary Hospital Information System developed by the project promoter – Glintt.


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