Naylor D., Mukerjee M.K., Agyapong P., Grandl R., Kang R., Machado M.

Computer Communication Review

pp 50



Motivated by limitations in today’s host-centric IP network, recent studies have proposed clean-slate network architectures centered around alternate first-class principals, such as content, services, or users. However, muchlike the host-centric IP design, elevating one principal type above others hinders communication between other principals and inhibits the network’s capability to evolve. This paper presents the eXpressive Internet Architecture (XIA), an architecture with native support for multiple principals and the ability to evolve its functionality to accommodate new, as yet unforeseen, principals over time. We present the results of our ongoing research motivated by and building on the XIA architecture, ranging from topics at the physical level (“how fast can XIA go”) up through to the user level.