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Leal C., Lopes P.A., Serra A., Coelho J., Almeida A.T., Tavakoli M.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019


Stretchable electronics stickers that adhere to the human skin and collect biopotentials are becoming increasingly popular for biomonitoring applications. Such stickers should include electrodes, stretchable interconnects, silicon chips for processing and communication, and batteries. Here, we demonstrate a material architecture and fabrication technique for a multi-layer, stretchable, low-cost, rapidly deployable and disposable sticker that integrates skin interfacing hydrogel electrodes, stretchable interconnects, and Ag2O-Zn (Silver Oxide – Zinc) battery. In addition, the application of a printed biphasic current collector (AgInGa) for the Ag2O-Zn battery is reported for the first time. Surprisingly, and unlike previously reported batteries, the battery capacity increases after being subject to strain cycles and reaches to a record-breaking areal capacity of 6.88 mAh cm-2 post stretch. As a proof of concept, an application of heart rate monitoring is presented. The disposable patch is interfaced with a miniature battery-free electronics circuit for data acquisition, processing, and wireless transmission. A version of the patch partially covering the patient´s chest can supply enough energy for continuous operation for ~6 days.