Peter Adams Named Head of Carnegie Mellon’s Engineering and Public Policy Department

Peter Adams, a Carnegie Mellon University professor, and researcher has been appointed the head of the Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP). He has held the title of interim head of EPP since August 1, 2019, and will immediately transition to department head.

CMU Portugal has been collaborating extensively through the years with the CMU Department of EPP through the development of joint research projects between Portuguese and CMU researchers.  Engineering and Public Policy is also one of the 7 dual degree Ph.Ds. available within the framework of the CMU Portugal Program, partnering CMU’s EPP with Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade de Lisboa, and Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto (FEUP).  EPP has also participated as host departments in the Program’s Visiting Students and Visiting Faculty and Researchers Programs.

Peter Adams has been a jointly- appointed faculty member in EPP and Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) since 2001. He is also a leading researcher in the field of air quality and environmental policy. Adams was named director of CMU’s Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS) in 2013, a cross-campus collaboration and one of the world’s leading research groups focused on particulate matter and its effects on global climate and public health.

CMU Portugal coordination and scientific directors meet Peter Adams last December to discuss future collaborations and network opportunities between CMU and Portugal researchers. It will be a great joy to continue working together towards this goal.