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inRes 2016 Has Already Started

inRes 2016 Has Already Started
It started one more edition of inRes , the business acceleration initiative of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (CMU Portugal), funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. The preparation phase, which features five teams – All in Surf, Helppier, James, Smart Insole and Wireless Link – is focused on empowering the participants and on fine-tuning the product/services concepts.

The main goal is the development of a plan for the immersion of seven weeks in the U.S. The kick-off workshop took place on June 30, at INESC TEC, Porto . The Addvolt founders (one of the inRes 2014 teams) were present in the second day of the workshop. Their presence, advice and stories were valuable and crucial for the 2016 teams.

The workshops in Portugal will take place until September 9 and the immersion in Pittsburgh will start on September 15. As the immersion has the duration of seven weeks, the teams will finally be back in November. In the U.S., the participants will be able to attend seminars, workshops, hands-on sessions, conferences and internationally recognised events.

Read the Portuguese articles at: Sapo Tek, Bit Magazine (June 30, 2016), Computer World, Ver Portugal, Negócios (July 1, 2016) and i9Magazine (July 7, 2016).