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CMU Portugal Program Symposium 2017

CMU Portugal Program Symposium 2017 – Videos
In June 2017, the CMU Portugal Program Symposium “Building the fabric of our digital world” took place at Porto Business School. We would like to share with you some of the best moments of this event.

The CMU Portugal Program Symposium 2017 showcased and discussed the key technological developments that are shaping the contemporary and future digital world in dialogue with the Program’s community. The event has focused on topics such as robotics, sensors and advanced communications, data science, language technologies, and other relevant developments with application in several key areas such health, cities and industry, together with the impact people, private and public organizations, public policies and society in general.

In this page, you will find a highlight video about the event and view the selected interviews with some of our guests.

You will find the photo gallery of the event here.

Selected guests’ interviews:

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Douglas Sicker,
EPP Department Head, CMU
James Garrett,
College of Engineering Dean, CMU
Jelena Kovacevic,
ECE Department Head, CMU
João Claro,
National Director (2013-2017),
CMU Portugal Program
João Falcão e Cunha,
José M. F. Moura,
Director at CMU,
CMU Portugal Program

Leid Zejnilovic,
Professor at NOVA SBE,
TCE Ph. D. alumnus
Luigia Aiello,
Full Professor,
Università di Roma La Sapienza
Manuela Veloso,
Machine Learning Department Head,

Paulo Ferrão,
President of the FCT
Paulo Marques,
Co-Founder and CTO of Feedzai
Pedro Guedes de Oliveira,
Global Coordinator of the Portugal INCODE.2030 Initiative

Pedro Oliveira,
Professor at CLSBE
Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo,
Rector of Universidade do Porto
Sir John O’Reilly,
University College London
Chairman, SERC, A*STAR
Tariq Durrani,
Research Professor at
University of Strathclyde

For a more in-depth look at the event, and the Program, watch this extended version (14:16):