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Ciência 2019: CMU Portugal at the anual Science and Technology Summit in Portugal

Between July 8 and 10, the CMU Portugal Program will participate at the Ciência 2019 Summit promoting a set of initiatives throughout the event.

Brochure CMU Portugal_Ciência 2019


July 8 I 14h – 15h30 I Auditorium III
CMU Portugal Session “CMU Portugal -Exploring New research Frontiers in ICT”

Stakeholders from different areas of ICT, including representatives from Academia and Industry, are invited to share their vision for the future. How will new developments in ICT affect our day-to-day life and what will their impact be 10 years from now?

Panel members
Joana Mendonça, Instituto Superior Técnico
João Graça, Unbabel
João Paulo Cunha, INESC TEC, Universidade do Porto
Hugo Gamboa, Plux

Rodrigo Rodrigues, National Director of the CMU Portugal Program and Isabel Trancoso, INESC ID/Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa  

July 8 to 10 I Pavillion 4 (stand nº6)
CMU Portugal Information Stand with project demos.

Over the past 12 years, more than 50 collaborative research projects have been financed through the CMU Portugal Program reaching over 40 Portuguese Institutions, several CMU departments and 130+ Industry Partners.

Project Demos:

      • July 8 I INSIDE: Astro, a robot that supports children with Autism in therapy sessions
        The INSIDE project has developed a fully autonomous mobile robot that actively engages children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) during therapy sessions. The project is focused on developing new hardware and software solutions to support a real-world interaction with children with ASD for therapeutical purposes. More at:  ;

      • July 9 I FEEDBOT: a robotic arm to help people with motor disabilities to feed themselves independently
        The Feedbot project is developing a robotic arm that supports people with severe motor disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases, to feed themselves autonomously. The proposed robot arm learns the behaviors of each user and adapts the movements during each meal. More at:
      • July 10 I BioVisualSpeech: an Interactive Platform to support children during speech therapy sessions
        The BioVisualSpeech project is developing an Interactive Platform of videogames for Speech Therapy. The games will help speech therapists to motivate children and encourage them to develop their skills. This research uses natural and multimodal human computer interaction mechanisms to provide bio-feedback in speech and language therapy. More at:

July 8 – 10 I Access Hall to Pavillion 4

Photo Exhibition I Foyer (floor 1 near Coffee Break)

The photo and video exhibition “Look and See. Sense and Live” and “Other Portraits and Self-portraits” was developed under the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program project SCREEN DR, led by Professor Aurélio Campilho from INESC TEC’s  C-BER Center  in collaboration with the photographer Renato Roque. The main objective of the project was to develop a computational platform for screening diabetic retinopathy.

The exhibit contains synthesized images, portraits of the retinas of INESC TEC researchers and self-portraits of the photographer Renato Roque.
For more information please read the booklet of the exhibit


About Ciência 2019

Ciência 2019 is the latest edition of the annual meeting of Portuguese researchers to promote a broad debate on the main topics and challenges of the scientific agenda beyond the world of research. The meeting main goal is to stimulate not just the participation but also the interaction between researchers, the business sector and the general public.

The meeting Ciência 2019 is promoted by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) in collaboration with the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture (ANI), Ciência Viva that is the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture and the Parliamentary Commission of Education and Science. The event  has the institutional support of the Government through the Minister of Science, Technology and Education Higher.

This year the guest country is the United Kingdom.

For more information please visit the Event website.


Start date

Jul. 8, 2019

End Date

Jul. 10, 2019

Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Praça das Indústrias - 1300-307 Lisboa