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Miguel Diogo

In 2021 I graduated with a master’s degree in electrical and computer Engineering from Universidade de Coimbra. With a double major in automation and computers. In 2022, I was awarded a fellowship grant to join the SAFEFOREST project (a CMU-Portugal project). My research is focused on research path and motion planners, as well as develop a system using Gazebo and MoveIt (a ROS framework) to compare several path planning algorithms that help a wheeled robot navigate through an octree representation of its surroundings.

Afonso Carvalho

After finishing my integrated Masters in 2021 from the University of Coimbra in Portugal and working for 8 months as a researcher, I am now starting my doctoral path with the CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering on forestry robotics, with a workplan entitled “Efficient Large-Scale Mapping and Path Planning in Forest Environments”.

Maria Eduarda Andrada

I am a doctoral student of the CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. in Robotics with the supervision of Dr. David Portugal (ISR-UC), Dr. Joao Filipe Ferreira (NTU-UK) and Dr. George Kantor (CMU-US). I received my Masters from University of Genova (UNIGE) in Robotics Engineering and my Bachelor’s from the University of South Florida.