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Ziqi Huang

Ziqi Huang holds a BA in Economics and Management from Wuyi University, China, and an MSc in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Shenzhen University, China. She is deeply passionate about sensing technologies and their role in environmental conservation.

Alessandro Gambetti

Alessandro Gambetti is a PhD Student of Human-Computer Interaction at the Nova School of Science and Technology in the scope of the CMU Portugal Program, Lisbon, Portugal. He received an MSc in Finance from Nova SBE, majoring in Data and Business Analytics, and he holds a BSc in Economics & Finance from the Alma Mater Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy. His research interests span from applied data science and machine learning in human-computer interaction, information systems, as well as healthcare.

Pedro Ferreira

Graduated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, his main interest is the research and development in the field of Child-Computer Interaction and the participation of educative communities and children in these processes. His doctoral work aims to propose a platform to bridge school and household environments centered on informal learning.

Eduardo Silva

Eduardo Silva graduated in the integrated master course of biomedical engineering and is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Digital Media at FEUP. With the theme “On forecasting emergency department visits”, his dissertation is focused on the construction and analysis of forecasting systems for healthcare demand in the emergency department, where it was possible to embark on the area of data science, classical or machine learning forecasting techniques, thus expanding an already vast area of knowledge.

Duarte Sousa

I’m a LARSyS/INESC-ID researcher with an MSc degree in Interactive Media Design and transdisciplinary education plus professional experience. It led me to design my master’s study, focused on a series of multi-disciplinary practices, namely HCI, Design Research, and User-Centered Design which I seek to continue to explore in my current project.

Beatrice Maggipinto

I’m a designer, creative director and researcher concerned with climate change communications, sustainability and the future of the seas. I have extensive experience as a practitioner and I’ve come back to academia after 15+ years of industry work experience in tech and advertising.

Shuhao Ma

Now I am an HCI design researcher at ITI, LARSyS. Before joining the CMU Portugal program, I got my master degree in design at Tongji University and experienced multiple digital projects (Social media, social innovation and sustainability, etc.) with my interaction design skills in China. My current research is triggered by digital technologies, HCI, sustainability, and multi-disciplinary practices. I appreciated the opportunity and am glad to meet the fabulous network.

Catarina Fidalgo

I am an HCI Researcher at INESC-ID with an MSc. Degree in Aerospace Engineering from IST. Highly motivated by technological challenges, I designed an approach for remote virtual collaboration during my master thesis. During my exchange program in India, I have enriched my adaptability to new environments and developed great intercultural sensitivity.

Neeta Khanuja

Through my education in computer engineering, interaction design, media studies and architecture, I learned to recognize the need for interdisciplinary approaches to designing interactions with (and within) the built environment. My professional experience as an interaction designer in India and Germany, and as a research assistant in the U.S. (Buffalo), Canada and Portugal enable me to connect academic research to professional practice.