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Afonso Vilalonga

Afonso Vilalonga holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science Engineering from the School of Science and Technology at NOVA University of Lisbon, obtained in July 2020 and December 2022, respectively. His main research areas of interest are network security and privacy, privacy-preserving machine learning and communications, cloud and IoT security, and Internet censorship circumvention.

Ziqi Huang

Ziqi Huang holds a BA in Economics and Management from Wuyi University, China, and an MSc in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Shenzhen University, China. She is deeply passionate about sensing technologies and their role in environmental conservation.

Sofia Ferraz

Doctoral Researcher at INESC TEC, specializing in developing computer assisted cardiac assessment solutions for Point-of-care Ultrasound . Adept at deep learning and machine learning techniques. Committed to advancing healthcare through technology.

Francisco Braga

Francisco Braga is a PhD student at NOVA School of Science and Technology, working on Computer Music. Francisco obtained my Integrated Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico where he first got interested in these fields. He intends to focus on the use of emotion and structure in AI musical composition.

Afonso Lourenço

Afonso Lourenço has earned B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Industrial Engineering and Management from FEUP. His research interests primarily focus on data stream mining, a field dedicated to extracting valuable insights from data that is continuously in flux.

Pedro Oliveira

Pedro is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Instituto Superior Técnico. He got a MSc in Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico and worked in network architecture of IP/MPLS and SD-WAN networks at Nokia. Currently he is doing research on the security of Machine Learning systems that are at the core of future Self-Driving Networks.

Filipe Marques

I am a PhD Student in Computer Science and Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico), where I am very fortunate to be advised by Prof. José Fragoso Santos and Prof. Nuno Santos. I am also a junior researcher at INESC-ID, working on applying software verification and testing tools to support computer science students in their learning process. My research interests are mainly in programming languages, software verification and validation, formal methods, and cybersecurity. Previously, I completed my MSc in Computer Science and Engineering at Tecnico. My dissertation, entitled Robust Symbolic Execution for WebAssembly, was supervised by Prof. José Fragoso Santos and Prof. Nuno Santos and was defended on December 2022.

Daniela Lopes

I am a doctoral student currently working on the DAnon research project funded by CMU Portugal at INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico. I received my BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Técnico and specializing in Cyber Security and Distributed Systems. My main motivation is protecting users from censorship, privacy violations, and crime on the web.

Ricardo Brancas

I am an Early Stage Researcher at the ARSR group in INESC-ID. I concluded my BSc. and MSc. at Instituto Superior Técnico. Recently I have been researching Program Synthesis applied to the synthesis of SQL queries, and how we can make sure to satisfy the user’s true intent.