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Martins A.F.T., Smith N.A., Xing E.P., Aguiar P.M.Q., Figueiredo M.A.T.

EMNLP 2010 - Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Proceedings of the Conference

pp 34



We present a unified view of two state-of-theart non-projective dependency parsers, both approximate: the loopy belief propagation parser of Smith and Eisner (2008) and the relaxed linear program of Martins et al. (2009). By representing the model assumptions with a factor graph, we shed light on the optimization problems tackled in each method. We also propose a new aggressive online algorithm to
learn the model parameters, which makes use of the underlying variational representation. The algorithm does not require a learning rate parameter and provides a single framework for a wide family of convex loss functions, including CRFs and structured SVMs. Experiments show state-of-the-art performance for 14 languages.