Gupta V., Tovar E., Pinho L.M., Kim J., Lakshmanan K., Rajkumar R.

Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering

pp 37



Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are increasingly used in various application domains like home-automation, agriculture, industries and infrastructure monitoring. As applications tend to leverage larger geographical deployments of sensor networks, the availability of an intuitive and user friendly programming abstraction becomes a crucial factor in enabling faster and more efficient development, and reprogramming of applications. We propose a programming pattern named sMapReduce, inspired by the Google MapReduce framework, for mapping application behaviors on to a sensor network and enabling complex data aggregation. The proposed pattern requires a user to create a network-level application in two functions: sMap and Reduce, in order to abstract away from the low-level details without sacrificing the control to develop complex logic. Such a two-fold division of programming logic is a natural-fit to typical sensor networking operation which makes sensing and topological modalities accessible to the user.