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Magalhães J., Hauptmann A., Sousa R., Santiago C.

Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Multimedia

pp 5702



The second edition of the International Workshop on Multimodal Conversational AI puts forward a diverse set of contributions that aim to brainstorm this new field. Conversational agents are now becoming a commodity as this technology is being applied to a wide range of domains. Healthcare, assisting technologies, e-commerce, information seeking, are some of the domains where multimodal conversational AI is being explored. The wide use of multimodal conversational agents exposes the many challenges in achieving more natural, human-like, and engaging conversational agents. The research contributions of the Workshop actively address several of relevant challenges: How to include assistive-technologies in dialog systems? How can agents engage in negotiation in dialogs? How to handle the embodiment of conversational agents?

Keynote speakers, both with real-world experience in conversational AI, will share their most recent and exciting work. The panel will address technological, ethical, legal and social aspects of conversational search. Finally, invited contributions from research projects will showcase how the different domains can benefit from conversational technology.