Nasir A.K., Ara├║jo A.G., & Couceiro M.S.

IROS 2020 Workshop on Perception, Planning and Mobility in Forestry Robotics (WPPMFR 2020)


Autonomous robots for challenging domains, for instances transportation, agriculture, forestry and construction, face several technical challenges inherent to their ability, or lack of it, in operating under the unstructured, harsh and dynamic nature of outdoor environments. This paper presents preliminary results of system integration toward autonomous navigation of a heavy-duty ground mobile robot designed for such challenging outdoor domains. The main contribution of this paper is to incorporate existing state-of-the-art Robot Operating System (ROS) based algorithms for localization, mapping, traversability, navigation, and exploration in real world unknown and unstructured environments. This paper focuses on assessing the localization and navigation ability of the robot by using proposed methodology and evaluating it under real-world outdoor tests.