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Gonçalves A., Bermudez S.

Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction archive


While CAVE Automatic Virtual Environments (CAVE) have been around for over 2 decades they remain complex to setup, unaffordable to most, and generally limited to data and model visualization applications for academia and industry. In this paper, we present a solution to create a monocular CAVE using the Unity 3D game engine by adding motion parallax and full-body interaction support via the use of a Kinect V2 low-cost sensor. More importantly, we provide a functional and easy to use plugin for that effect, the KAVE, and its configuration tool. Here, we describe our own low-cost CAVE setup, a range of alternative configurations to CAVE systems using this technology and example applications. Finally, we discuss the potential of such an approach considering the current advancements in VR and gaming.