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Martins R., Correia M., Antunes L., Silva F.

Future Generation Computer Systems

pp 272



The ever-increasing demand for higher quality live streams is driving the need for better networking infrastructures, specially when disseminating content over highly congested areas, such as stadiums, concerts and museums. Traditional approaches to handle this type of scenario relies on a combination of cellular data, through 4G distributed antenna arrays (DAS), with a high count of WiFi (802.11) access points. This obvious requires a substantial upfront cost for equipment, planning and deployment. Recently, new efforts have been introduced to securely leverage the capabilities of wireless multipath, including WiFi multicast, 4G, and device-to-device communications. In order to solve these issues, we propose an approach that lessens the requirements imposed on the wireless infrastructures while potentially expanding wireless coverage through the crowd-sourcing of mobile devices. In order to achieve this, we propose a novel pervasive approach that combines secure distributed systems, WiFi multicast, erasure coding, source coding and opportunistic offloading that makes use of hyperlocal mobile edge clouds. We empirically show that our solution is able to offer a 11 fold reduction on the infrastructural WiFi bandwidth usage without having to modify any existing software or firmware stacks while ensuring stream integrity, authorization and authentication.