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Gupta V., Kandhalu A., Rajkumar R.

Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Hot Topics in Embedded Networked Sensors, HotEmNets 2010


There has been considerable interest in energy harvesting for wireless sensor networks. Energy harvesting from thermal sources such as body heat and mechanical sources such as human motion have been proposed. There are also sensor network systems that harvest energy from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, ambient light levels in indoor environments are typically significantly lower than those found outdoors and highly dependent on the nature of the indoor environment considered. Recently, low-power clock synchronization using electromagnetic energy radiating from AC power lines was proposed. In this paper, we go a step ahead and try to answer the question: Can energy be harvested from the electromagnetic energy radiating from AC power lines and use it to operate a wireless sensor network with a low duty-cycle? We find that such energy harvesting appears promising.