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Marujo L., Grazina N., Luis T., Ling W., Coheur L., Trancoso I.

Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation, EAMT 2011

pp 129



This paper describes a method to effi-ciently leverage Brazilian Portuguese re-sources as European Portuguese resources. Brazilian Portuguese and European Por-tuguese are two Portuguese varieties that are very close and usually mutually in-telligible, but with several known differ-ences, which are studied in this work. Based on this study, we derived a rule based system to translate Brazilian Por-tuguese resources. Some resources were enriched with multiword units retrieved semi-automatically from phrase tables cre-ated using statistical machine translation tools. Our experiments suggest that ap-plying our translation step improves the translation quality between English and Portuguese, relatively to the same process without this adaptation step.