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António Rodrigues

Antonio holds a M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Porto. Before enrolling in the Ph.D. program, Antonio worked as a researcher in Fraunhofer Portugal AICOs. His research interests are on Computer Networks, namely Future Internet Architectures and Wireless Networking.

Artur Balanuta

I am dual-degree Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D candidate at Carnegie Mellon University and Técnico Lisboa. I work with our excellent team at WiSE Lab under the supervision of Prof. Anthony Rowe and Prof. António Grilo. My research interests are in cyber-physical systems. My work lies at the intersection of Long-Range, Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded systems and Network Management. I received an MSc and BSc degree in Computer Networks with a minor in Distributed, Mobile, P2P and Security Systems from Técnico Lisboa, Portugal in 2014. During my studies I also worked for four years in industry. I have been fortunate to be part of Computer and Network services (DSI) team at Taguspark. I have also been an intern at ARM during my PhD.