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Tamás Karácsony

I am an ML researcher at INESCTEC with an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and an MSc in Mechatronics is from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My main research interests include: Computer vision, Action recognition, Biomedical Applications of ML, Neuroengineering.

Shuhao Ma

Now I am an HCI design researcher at ITI, LARSyS. Before joining the CMU Portugal program, I got my master degree in design at Tongji University and experienced multiple digital projects (Social media, social innovation and sustainability, etc.) with my interaction design skills in China. My current research is triggered by digital technologies, HCI, sustainability, and multi-disciplinary practices. I appreciated the opportunity and am glad to meet the fabulous network.

Ricardo Brancas

I am an Early Stage Researcher at the ARSR group in INESC-ID. I concluded my BSc. and MSc. at Instituto Superior Técnico. Recently I have been researching Program Synthesis applied to the synthesis of SQL queries, and how we can make sure to satisfy the user’s true intent.

Maria Eduarda Andrada

I am a doctoral student of the CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. in Robotics with the supervision of Dr. David Portugal (ISR-UC), Dr. Joao Filipe Ferreira (NTU-UK) and Dr. George Kantor (CMU-US). I received my Masters from University of Genova (UNIGE) in Robotics Engineering and my Bachelor’s from the University of South Florida.

John Mendonça

I received my MSc. (2020) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, with a major in Systems, Decision and Control and a minor in Computer Engineering. During my Master’s I worked with DefinedCrowd, developing methods to detect crowdsourcing fraud. I’m currently working in the MAIA research project at INESC-ID.

Francisco Pereira

I’m a Systems Researcher at INESC-ID with both a BSc and a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. During my MSc thesis we developed a tool that automatically parallelized software network functions, which piqued an interest in me and led me to do research in the networking field.

Eduard Pinconschi

Eduard is a Ph.D. student in Informatics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto (FEUP). He graduated in Information Systems and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). His recent research compares the performance of automated program repair (APR) tools in the context of security. His collaboration with CMU aims at reasoning software security in an automated style.

Diogo Tavares

Finishing my MSc. in Informatics. My research interests mainly lie in Natural Language Understanding and Dialog State Tracking, and how these can establish genuine rapport between us and non-human agents.

Diogo Silva

I got a Bachelors’s degree in Computer Science from the Nova School of Science and Technology. While pursuing my Master’s I got introduced to machine learning and its uses for conversational chatbots, which I got interested in. During that period I was also invited to be part of a project on the subject of language generation. During my Ph.D., I hope to improve language generation approaches and to help break the human-machine gap on conversational agents.