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João Coelho

I hold a MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IST, focused in Artificial Intelligence. During my MSc thesis I’ve worked on Neural Information Retrieval, applied to the Geographic domain and I will pursue my Ph.D.  focusing on Neural Information Retrieval.

Paulo Santos

I finished my BSc. and MSc. degrees in Informatics at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. I have an interest in programming languages, program repair, and genetic programming (namely in the combination of all of them). Outside of the geek world, I’m an easy-going person who enjoys meeting new people.

Luís Gomes

Luís Gomes is a Software Engineer, whose career is marked by impactful projects, both in academic and industrial contexts. Luís’ Master’s degree in CS was carried out at Univ. of Minho, with Intelligent Systems and Data Science specialisations. His research topics are related to SE and AI, specially using DL techniques to solve real-life problems.

Pedro Mendes

I am a doctoral student of the CMU-Portugal dual-degree program in Software Engineering being advised by Prof. Paolo Romano (IST) and Prof. David Garlan (CMU). I am also working in the CAMELOT research project funded by CMU-Portugal at the Distributed Systems Group at INESC-ID Lisboa and IST. I received my BSc. (2017) and MSc. (2017) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, with a major specialization area in Computer Engineering and a minor in Systems, Decision and Control.

Gabriel Moreira

Gabriel is a Ph.D. student at Instituto Superior Técnico and at the Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. He received a double M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from ISAE-Supaero and IST and worked as a research intern at Airbus. His research interest lies at the intersection of computer vision and NLP.

Catarina Fidalgo

I am an HCI Researcher at INESC-ID with an MSc. Degree in Aerospace Engineering from IST. Highly motivated by technological challenges, I designed an approach for remote virtual collaboration during my master thesis. During my exchange program in India, I have enriched my adaptability to new environments and developed great intercultural sensitivity.

Neeta Khanuja

Through my education in computer engineering, interaction design, media studies and architecture, I learned to recognize the need for interdisciplinary approaches to designing interactions with (and within) the built environment. My professional experience as an interaction designer in India and Germany, and as a research assistant in the U.S. (Buffalo), Canada and Portugal enable me to connect academic research to professional practice.


Cláudio Gomes

I have a Master’s degree in Informatics Engineering, with a subspecialty in Intelligent Systems. During my studies, I performed extensive research on the domain of Quantum Computing, with a focus on Finance. Moreover, I also have experience in Image Preprocessing, in the context of cinematography.