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José Pedro Gomes

José Pedro Gomes is a Ph.D. student working in the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision, and deep learning. Aiming to push the boundaries of generative models to create visually stunning and immersive virtual environments. José is supervised by Prof. Fernando De La Torre at CMU and Prof. Alexandre Bernardino in Portugal.

Brissa Acevedo

Brissa Acevedo holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Her undergraduate research focused on the adverse effects of shampoo, wastewater treatment, and renewable energy. Currently, Brissa researches community perceptions and impacts on regional decarbonization investments.

Cláudia Mamede

Cláudia Mamede has a BSc & MSc in Informatics and Computing Engineering from FEUP (Portugal). With the constant digitalization of the world, her focus is on how crucial it is to design better and safer software. Cláudia’s research interests revolve around the applications of deep learning to help detect and fix software vulnerabilities as fast as possible.

Pedro Cachim

Pedro Cachim holds a dual Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from IST and ISAE-SUPAERO and works as a guidance, navigation and control engineer at GMV. His PhD research will focus on the provably safe and performant implementation of optimization-based guidance and control algorithms.

Marta Freitas

Marta Freitas is a Biomedical Engineer and researcher at the Soft and Printed Microelectronics Lab, Institute of Systems and Robotics – University of Coimbra. Marta is particularly interested in exploring the potential of combining different technologies, such as microelectromechanical systems and stretchable electronics, to develop novel solutions for soft medical robotics.

Diana Fernandes

Diana Vieira Fernandes holds a Law Degree (NOVA School of Law), a Post Degree Diploma in Securities Law (Instituto de Valores Mobiliários, FDL) and has a Master in Law and Management (NOVA School of Law and NOVA School of Business and Economics). She also received NOVA University’s 2011 award of distinction (Diploma of Merit) in the Field of Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the IN+ – Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research at Instituto Superior Técnico, worked on a business association that manages a solar demonstration platform in the Algarve. She also supported several projects related to energy, innovation and data science.

João Tomé

I got my BSc in Electronics Engineering and my MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both at IST, this last one focused on micro and nano-electronics design. The objective for my Ph.D. under the CMU Portugal Program is to develop and improve power harvesting and data transmission techniques for integrated circuits applied to bioengineering.

Carolina Carreira

I’m focused on users’ motivations and concerns when using security software. More specifically, in my Masters’s Thesis, I aimed to communicate to users how formal verification can impact password managers. I’m also interested in other formally verified software such as decentralized finance protocols.