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VISUM Summer School Brings Computer Vision Experts to Porto

VISUM Summer School Brings Computer Vision Experts to Porto
VISUM 2015 is the third VISion Understanding and Machine intelligence Summer School hosted at Universidade do Porto and directed at Ph.D. candidates, Post-Doctoral scholars and researchers from academia and industry with research interests in computer vision and machine intelligence.

This edition’s speakers are leading experts in their field, teachers and researchers from Imperial College London, Tae-Kyun Kim and Thomas Whelan, from the Prague Technical University, Jiri Matas; from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Alicia Fornes; from Carnegie Mellon University, Martial Hebert and from the University of Nottingham Michel Valstar. From the Instituto Superior Técnico, João Paulo Costeira, Scientific Director of the CMU Portugal Program, will be present on the last day, with the theme “Applications”.

The CMU Portugal Program is one of the partners of this event.

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