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Veniam: Hitchiking Through the Internet

Veniam: Hitchiking Through the Internet
Veniam is a startup company created by João Barros, faculty at the Faculdade de Engenharia of the Universidade do Porto, and Susana Sargento, faculty at the Universidade de Aveiro, and it is one of the startups created in the scope of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program.

Their objective is to connect vehicles to the each other and to the Internet using vehicular mesh networking technologies. Veniam designs, develops and deploys vehicular ad-hoc networks for any type of business.

The daily periodical Diário Económico features Veniam in its printed version, with an in-depth look at the company’s inception and its evolution so far, as told by the co-founder and CEO, João Barros.

Read the full article at Diário Económico (April 24, 2015).

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