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Vasco Pedro – The classic mistakes that led to Unbabel

Vasco Pedro – The classic mistakes that led to Unbabel
He claims to have made all the classic mistakes of an entrepreneur in the past and thinks that this time, he can’t go wrong. Vasco Pedro, CEO of Unbabel – one of the most promising Portuguese startups – speaks about a few chapters of his story. From working at Google in San Francisco and the failed startups of the past, to his return to Portugal with Unbabel and the experience at YCombinator, Vasco sums it all up in this interview.

Vasco Pedro is the co-founder and CEO of Unbabel, Inc, a startup company that combines machine translation and post-edition with the objective of eliminating linguistic barriers between companies and its clients. This company is involved in two Early Bird Projects, carried out in the scope of the CMU Portugal Program, namely: MT4M – Machine Translation For Microblogs and TRATAHI -Bringing Down Language Barriers on the Internet through Human-in-the-Loop JointTranscription and Translation.

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