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UTEN Portugal – Annual Conference 2013 “Internationalization, Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Exchange”

UTEN Portugal – Annual Conference 2013
“Internationalization, Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Exchange”
Dates: October 28-29, 2013
Venue: Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto (Porto, Portugal)

In conjunction with ALTEC 2013, XV Latin-Iberoamerican Congress on Technology Management
Agenda DAY 1 (Open to Public)

José Manuel Mendonça, UTEN Scientific Director, President of INESC Porto
José Marques dos Santos , Vice-President of the Council of Rectors of the Portuguese Universities
Mark Calhoun , Chairman of the Advisory Board, IC2 Institute, The University of Texas at Austin

11:30 – PANEL I: Technology Commercialization in Latin America

Moderator: João Claro , University of Porto, CMU|Portugal

11:35-12:15: Key-note speakers

Juan Pablo Ortega, Public Utility Company of Medellín (EPM), former Executive Director of Rutan, Medellín, Colombia
Carlos Ross, Director of the Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CGIE), UT Austin, IC2 Institute, Monterey, Mexico

12:15-12:30: Round table discussion

Elsie Echeverri-Carroll, UT Austin, IC2 Institute
Maria Oliveira, University of Porto, UPIN

12:30-13:00: Q&A and dialogue with the audience

13:00 Lunch

14:00 – PANEL II: Internationalization of Startups to Global Markets

Moderator: Jorge Gonçalves, Vice-rector at University of Porto

14:05-14:30: Key-note speakers

Pedro Bizarro, co-Founder Feedzai, Portugal
Gregory Pogue, UT Austin, IC2 Institute

14:30-15:15: Round table discussion:

José Franca , Chairman and CEO Portugal Ventures*
Anders Haugland , Managing Director of TTO in Bergen
Tara Branstad, CTTEC Carnegie Mellon University

15:15-15:30: Q&A and dialogue with the audience

15:30 – Coffee-break

16:00 – PANEL III: New technology venture opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry

Moderator: Carlos Costa Pina, Member of Galp Energia’s Board of Directors and the Executive Committee*

16:05-16:45: Key-note speakers

Carlos Pina Teixeira, CEO Eneida, Portugal
Manuel Parente, CEO Abyssal, Portugal

14:30-15:00: Round table discussion:

Paulo Ferrão , Instituto Superior Técnico, MIT|Portugal
Paulo Santos , IPN incubator, University of Coimbra
Max Green, UT Austin, IC2 Institute

15:00-15:30: Q&A and dialogue with the audience


Aurora Teixeira, University of Porto: UTEN Survey on Technology Transfer and Spin-offs in Portugal
Marco Bravo , IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin, UT Austin-Portugal
José Manuel Mendonça, UTEN Scientific Director, President of INESC Porto
Miguel Seabra, President of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology

*To be confirmed

18:00 – 20:00: SPECIAL EVENT (for selected companies for the Global Startup Program with UT Austin): Project Prioritization / Selection Tools
DAY 2 (By invitation only, location to be defined)
Training session for startup ventures current enrolled in the Global Startup initiative on business development, incubation, and acceleration under the UT Austin|Portugal Program

9:00–13:00: Session 1 (DEFINING VALUE)

Topic A: Figure of Merit Positioning and Valuation
Topic B: Market Articulation in the US
Project: Marriage of these two concepts in action

13:00 Lunch

14:30-17:30: Session 2 (WORKING SESSIONS)

Topic C: Build Company-focused Global Startup Project Strategies
Topic D: Establish Program Roadmaps with Priorities and Milestones