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Undergraduate Internships Program Results

Undergraduate Internship Program Results
The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program recently announced the name of the six candidates accepted to its new Undergraduate Internship Program (UIP), which provides intensive eight to twelve week research experiences for talented undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), in the United States.

The main goal of UIP is to provide high-quality research opportunities, offering undergraduates the possibility of developing their knowledge and skills as researchers, while opening perspectives for graduate studies and career opportunities in cutting-edge fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

João Claro and José M.F. Moura, directors of the CMU Portugal Program in Portugal and at CMU, respectively, are very pleased with the “high quality of all the applications submitted, which is a positive sign of the strong link between the Portuguese and CMU scientific communities.”

The six candidates accepted are:

Name Affiliation Host at CMU Host Department at CMU Sponsor in Portugal Semester
Albert Linde FCTUNL Umut A. Acar Computer Science Rodrigo Rodrigues Summer ‘14
César Carpinteiro FEUP Shawn Blanton Electrical and Computer Engineering José Machado Silva Spring ‘15
Francisco Torres FEUP Shawn Blanton Electrical and Computer Engineering Vitor Grade Tavares Spring ‘15
Mariana Oliveira FCUP J. Zico Kolter Computer Science Luís Torgo Summer ‘14
Salomé Azevedo CLSBE Pedro Ferreira Engineering and Public Policy Pedro Oliveira Summer ‘14
Tiago Cardoso FEUP David Garlan Institute for Software Research Rui Abreu Summer ‘14

The applications were reviewed by a panel of academics composed by João Paulo Costeira (IST-UL), Luís Almeida (FEUP), and the directors of the CMU Portugal Program.

This unique opportunity is provided by the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program to encourage and prepare talented undergraduates to pursue careers in research in the scope of the scientific areas of the dual degree doctoral programs offered by the Program. A new phase to submit applications is open until September 30, 2014.

July 2014

Undergraduate Internship Program (UIP)
The Undergraduate Internship Program, offered by the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, is an intensive eight to twelve weeks research experience for talented undergraduates, who will have the opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art research projects, interact with prominent research teams, and be mentored by leading faculty and researchers, in a cultural immersion at Carnegie Mellon University.