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Three Dual Degree Doctoral Students Successfully Defended Their Thesis

Three Dual Degree Doctoral Students Successfully Defended Their Dissertation
André Regateiro, Ivonne Peña Cabra, and Sérgio Pequito successfully defended their dissertations, between July and August, 2014.

André Regateiro André Regateiro [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Rui Baptista (IST-UL), Lee Branstetter (CMU) and Serguey Braguinsky (CMU)

Research Interests: Social and Decision Sciences

Dissertation Title:
Three Essays on Portuguese Economic Growth, Firm Formation, and Productivity

Ivonne Peña Ivonne Astrid Peña Cabra
Advisors: Luís Marcelino Ferreira (IST-UL) and Inês Lima Azevedo (CMU)
Research Interests: Renewable Energy

Dissertation Title:
Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of Policy Incentives for Wind Power in Portugal

Sérgio Pequito [ Profile | Homepage ]

Advisors: António Pedro Aguiar (FEUP), Diogo Gomes (IST-UL), and Soummya Kar (CMU)
Research Interests: Design, analysis and optimization of large complex dynamical systems, Structural systems theory, Graph theory and combinatorial optimization

Dissertation Title:
A Structural Approach to Design, Analysis and Optimization of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems

Articles about their experiences and dissertations will be written shortly.

September 2014