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The Future is Already Here! – Future Cities Conference 2015

The Future is Already Here! – Future Cities Conference 2015
Date: September 25, 2015
Venue: Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto, Portugal
Agenda: here
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The Future Cities Project is a FP7 funded project intended to reverse the deterioration of the cities’ public facilities and the citizens’ quality of life, likely to happen due to population growth and concentration in urban centers. It aims at unlocking the full potential of interdisciplinary research in urban technologies, as well as strengthening knowledge transfer activities in close cooperation with local and global industrial partners.

A key goal was to turn the city of Porto (Portugal) into an urban-scale living lab, where researchers, companies and startups can develop and test technologies, products and services, exploring such subjects as sustainable mobility, urban-scale sensing, safety and privacy, as well as quality of life for citizens and their families.

Being a project of the Universidade do Porto, and because of its multidisciplinary nature, the Future Cities involves research groups from several schools of the UP such as Engineering (FEUP), Psychology (FPCEUP) and Sciences (FCUP). In the Future Cities team, several members are closely related to the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, such as Faculty Exchange Program participants, Scientific Directors, Ph.D. student advisors and other project (ERI, EBP, Lead projects) members.